Hippie Tie Dye Nails

Do you ever feel like a hippie that needs a challenging manicure?…Err, probably not! But if by chance you do feel like a hippie, or want a challenge, or just want a cute manicure; do I have a unique nail design for YOU!

I found this nail tutorial on YouTube. After I watched it, my first thought was “That won’t work!”. Well a month or so later I watched it AGAIN and was like “We’ll see about that!!!” so I got my friend and gathered supplies!

I’m not going into detail on the “how to” part of it (you can check out Missjenfabulous‘s video for that) 🙂

Here’s the results I achieved by giving this a try:

These are the products I used:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear –  (21) White On

AVON Nailwear Pro – (N701) Sunshine

Revlon – (196) Passion Punch Shimmer

Pure Ice – (775CP) Celestial

Small Cup


Luke warm water

Clear tape

Paper towel


It does take a little practice and it’s kinda messy. You’ll probably get a good technique down by the last nail, but that’s ok because even if it looks a little messy it’s still pretty cool! Good luck!

Here’s another link to Missjenfabulous’s How To: Perfect Water Marble Manicure + FAQ


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