Recycle Nite

Recycle nite is a branch off of Party Nite. It was established a few months ago, out of the feeling of conviction I was having over the amount of plastic bottles I use. I know, I know…My name is Shanda, and I’m one of those “I can only drink bottled Aquafina water” people!  I KNOW!!! I ADMITTED IT!!! It’s a little pathetic, but everyone has their own thing. Anyway, I live in a very… how do I put it… small, unconscious of the environment, doesn’t care about anything but deer hunting and football… community. Needless to say, we don’t have any type of recycling pick-up or drop-off area within a decent drive.

We (the members of Party Nite) did our research and found a recycling drop-off site just in the county over. Now the last (or 4th) Friday nite of each month we pack up our plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, plastic bags and paper board products and head to the recycling center 😀 It’s not much, considering all of the people on this earth, but we have had an amazing number of converts.

What started with me, is now a good 12 people participating in our recycling endeavors!!!  Hopefully it will keep growing and we can make a small dent in this polluted world.


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  1. I’m working on a really cool recycle project that ur gonna dig. Still patenting but will give u more info if ur interested.

    • I would love to hear about your project! Do you have a blog or website I could visit to read about it?
      Me and some ladies at my church have been talking about getting something together in our town. We can use all of the ideas and inspiration we can get.

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