In the beginning…

… there was Party Nite. What is party nite you ask??? What it sounds like dummy (but a little bit lamer)!!!

It all started in 2008 w/ Upper Room (amazing preaching, rockin music, and lots of fun… AT CHURCH… gasp!). Then afterwards we would go to Perry’s (small, junky, DELICIOUS restaurant!). We would go there to eat w/ everyone from church, including our good friend Wendy. Well, long story short… Upper Room died a slow death and Perry’s got shut down by Subway! So, we needed a place to go hang out and eat! We ended up at the most convenient location… our house. We would meet every Thursday nite (which happens to be the same nite Upper Room was prior) and just eat supper, play Wii, watch movies, or play cards.

Since then, Party Nite has acquired many special variations, such as Recycle Nite, Fancy Nite, La Plaza Nite, Special Christmas Day Party etc. We’ve added a new person to the group and changed the nite to Friday nites. Party Nite is still going to this day, and it’s still good clean fun w/ awesome people 🙂



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